33 years old
*(city of living is not noticed at the instance of character)
Aliya has been living with HIV for 12 years, she contracted an illness after a sexual maltreatment. In 2006, because of the absence of therapy, 100 immune cells only left in her organism, that could be a reason for death, she suffered from pneumonia. Today Aliya works as a director of a sanative studio giving classes of physical therapy.
Aliya tells about being isolated in infectious diseases room during her pregnancy, the delay of therapy in fault of the negligence of a nurse, about being in the face of silence when they found out her situation.
“When I got to know my diagnosis, I wanted to escape from the town, it was such a shame! I immediately asked my husband to leave the city.” “Why? — he asked. Let’s keep it a secret. He accepted me the way I was.”
*the name of the person was changed based on her request

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