32 years old
*(city is not mentioned at the request of character)
After school Arthur finished university and then worked for a major company of petrol. In 2010 he got infected sexually.
Arthur is telling that in an infectious hospital they expelled him after taking an HIV-test without explaining anything. And when in some years he came to the center of AIDS to ask for help he had only 9 immune cells left.
They diagnosed a liver cirrhosis.
Today he takes the therapy and works as a programmer.
Arthur lives while hiding his face, he tells about his status to the closest people only. He explains the discrimination in the context of the Soviet regime, when everything supposed to be identical and to differ was not a good thing.
“I know it’s not right, but I think that every HIV-positive guy is a drug-addicted and every girl with HIV is a prostitute. I have this on my mind, so what we can say about other people? Although I know it isn’t true”.
* the name of the person was changed based on his request

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