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BIO : In photojournalism, we do not retouch the photos. We deliver naked and raw reality. And yet, what is reality? Can the objective of the photojournalist reflect it? The choice of the object, the choice of the framing are already a bias. A bias in which a world view is contained. Kamilla Stiepen has chosen to assume her bias. Her photos do not show the war as it is, but as she sees it. Born in an industrial and grey city in the Soviet Union, Kamilla sees life in pink. Colours and impressions that she has learned to transcribe in her photographs. First in fashion and then in photojournalism. Present since 2014 in Eastern Ukraine, Kamilla Stiepen makes the steel storm of mechanical warfare as she sees it. Rose passed. Exhibitions: 2018: Selected to the list 30 Women Photographers Under 30 2018: Maison de La Photographie à Lille 2018: Galerie Claude Samuel à Paris 2018: début d'une collaboration avec Les Femmes Photographes 2019: LE 61 - Projection des photos du Venezuela 2019: Selected for "What is Family? by National Geographic 2019: StoryPhotos of the Week, May 31, 2019 by National geographic 2019: MOTHER UNTIL BIRTH (Surrogate mothers in Ukraine) exhibited in Berlin during the next Photographic Exploration Project exhibition 2019: Ballerinas under Fire No. 6 exhibited in PH21 Gallery in Budapest in August. Juror's choice and the honourable mentions. 2019: Exhibited in MÉDIATHÈQUE EDMOND ROSTAND in Paris with the collective Femmes Photographes2019: Selected for a NIKON NOOR workshop in Barcelona

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