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I am a documentary photographer based between London and Bratislava. Currently pursuing an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication, I have been mostly focusing on my personal projects, which often rethink the notions of home, migration, aftermath of a conflict and family roots. The work that I choose to photograph often examines historically significant sites or landscapes that have overtime become forgotten or ‘hidden’ in our contemporary life. This way, my intention is to revive them, discuss them and relate them to our present-day issues. My projects are frequently a combination of my own photography, archival imagery, text or video elements. The ongoing theme that I have been working on is about the effects of the four-year Greek Civil War, which took place from 1946-1949 and impacted a large number of people, including my family members. It also delves into the influence that the conflict continues to have even today.

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