The illusion of money making creates distant between our soul and our sole purpose in time. In doing so, we gain perspective and knowledge that is valuable toward the persistence of currency; however, as a human race we lack the fortune of love. When will we choose to open our minds to the senseless surroundings we produce for ourselves and our families?
As part of my research to this shoot, I allowed myself to observe and study the territory of engaged businesses and the reflection it created on its employees. Speaking based on my own experiences, I noticed the fast pace walking and the direct movement of becoming the product. The realization of being a time note for a business has settled into our everyday routine that we’ve found comfort in the distance with one another. We’ve shaped our minds to cater to what has become an expectancy of our efforts. What we’re failing to see is the brilliance it takes to be able to alter our compassion so that we may give without truly gaining when it comes to commerce.
The ripple effect of choosing to not engage with our people plays a particular role in who we are individually and the feeling we create to our surroundings. I relate back to my mindset at a time when I too had chosen to allow my thoughts to be overpowered by production and how I had become a person rather than being. I wasn’t truly giving to people because my mind was being filled with a never ending to-do list for big business while I was neglecting to acknowledge the actuality of being unconscious. Giving time to a job is a tricky thing to do without becoming who you are not. I believe that if we can choose to see the truth, we may be able to move forward with feeling and knowledge of ourselves that neither price nor title is worth discussing.

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