«I was dating a transgender – a woman who wanted to become a man. He attempted to show that he is a real man – in the way he understood it. In public, he tried to look like a gentleman by holding doors and so on. But when we stayed alone he became rude.
He publicly molested me although I showed that I did not want it. Several times, he has paid for the tea and then said, «I express the love in money, and you be so kind and pay by sex». He forced me to have sex and did not pay attention when I said «no» and called for neighbors’ help. He beat my head on the wall, hit me in the face, I was covered in bruises.
He had to prove that he is the chief, he’s a man.
Once I told him that I wanted to apply for a university, he began to dissuade me. He wanted to rent an apartment so would sit at home and waited for him; of course, I refused. Then he «punished» me – locked me up for six days in a room without food and water, so I would think this over. I thought I would go mad.
He said that he loved me and could not live without me. He told me that apart from him no one will protect me and nobody will ever love me. He fenced me from socializing with friends – I became isolated and did not understand anything. I blamed only myself. I thought that something was wrong with me».

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