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I am a British girl. My origins are Caribbean. I have travelled extensively from Jamaica to Sri Lanka and many other countries. I completed my igcses in sri lanka. I went to a boarding school in England in the countryside Shropshire, it was here my passion for sports like horse riding and reading evolved. With travelling i have seen so many beautiful landscapes and events from holy relics to famous mountains- and the only way to capture these mind captivating images before my eyes was to take pictures. Being 17 i have seen many things which teenagers my age have not seen. I saw the desperation in sri lanka after the Easter bombings to the state of emergency happening in Jamaica. I have seen a person getting stabbed in England. I have also seen the beauties of life. Family and unity, beautiful botanical gardens to royal palaces and holy cathedrals. Each experience and culture has helped to craft me as an individual. I use these adventures to add some flavour to all my photos and all my speeches. This tale needed to be told so that when one looks at my art work or my writing or even hears my speeches they do not just listen and look at a blank canvas with no back bone.

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