This is the only view to the outside world Pasha usually receives from day to day. Occasionally, she will stand and wave to us from her small window as we go about our daily lives. “Now, I want nothing else than to be able to walk, as I used to be able to. So help me God, even as there are other people who cannot even raise from their beds!” Says Pasha.

Pasha also has a quiet anger living inside of her as she sits with the memories of her life, which will occasionally come to light, “[Stalin], snooping around in our country, what was he doing here? Siberia, Kazahkstan, my illness… That’s why one reaches old age and can no longer stand on one’s feet. My heart aches from all these… All my bones ache… Life was tough… My pension is not sufficient to cover my medications… I lost my son, my husband… I am the only one left, thank God [my family has] taken me in… they visit me and bring me food and I say to them, ‘Thank you so much, may you have a long life!’”

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