Horse is one of the most frequently encountered animals in myths, legends and fairy tales. He is a symbol of vitality, power, fidelity, wisdom, intelligence, beauty, grace, freedom, fearlessness, military valor, glory. The horse represents the male solar force and is the foot of the rising spirit of man. In the rock art, horses “float on the surface,” embodying the power of life. They are associated with the elemental force of wind, storm, fire, sea waves and running water. Legends and folklore of different nations give horses a magical power to predict the future. Almost on all continents, the horse was associated with the arrival of the dominant civilizations and superiority. The symbolism of a horse covers a very wide range, extending from light to darkness, from heaven to earth, from life to death. According to ancient beliefs, horses know the secrets of the afterlife, so they were used in funeral rites, as guides or messengers to the afterlife.

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