Meat store in the middle of old town in Kathmandu – is family businesses of Lakshmi and Rajendra. Lakshmi had inherited shop of from her father and almost all her childhood she was spent here helping sell food. Her family sell meat of chicken, buffalo and goat more than sixty years. Every day Lakshmi open store after 4 pm, because in the daytime, couple take care of their sick parents. But at the evening time shop work till late time and after closing – couple come in to sleep at the second floor and rarely leaving Kathmandu.
As her father, Lakshmi will pass the store to her four of the children and In their turn they will continue this glorious tradition. Money from store parents give to studying of them children. At the past year, Lakshmi was in Australia, where one of her daughters now studying, because parent know that education abroad is much better.

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