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I’m 22 years old and a Master photography student at London College of Communication. Photography has been in my life since a very young age. It all started at the age of 6 when I received my first camera. While traveling a lot with my parents, I documented the trips with the disposable cameras they gave me. At the age of 15, a photo which was published in a newspaper struck me. The photo was a riot police officer who had been hit by a Molotov cocktail. The emotion and the power of the image made me want to be able to communicate with the same visual intensity. At that moment, I decided that I wanted to become a visual storyteller. With time, I became more and more determined and now I have a degree in Photography. After focusing on the technical part of photography in school, most of my spare time is spent on documentary and reporting photography. I like to spend time on making a photographic series of people, their happiness, their daily issues and their struggles, all while living with them. In the middle of the action and in every picture, I try to tell a story or to capture a certain emotion.

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